Chinese takeout homemade!

Chinese takeout, Homemade!


Who doesn’t love to enjoy a bowl full of fresh steamed brown rice and sticky sesame chicken accompanied by perfectly fried cheese wontons? I know I sure do! Its defiantly one of my comfort foods.

The only way to make that any better is when you get to save money in the process. We are on a mission to save money these days even though my husband and I have wreak less personalities at times with money we are actually getting it done this time. Maybe its age. Maybe it’s the kids. Whatever it is that’s keeping us mentally in check is working out great!

These recipes are super simple and fun to make. The wontons are something you can make ahead with kids, make it a project mixing up the cream cheese mixture for the little one and learning how to properly hold and knife and cut skills for the older kid. Finding those little ways to get them involved can make a huge difference in behavior.

The wonton recipe is so simple you don’t think will amount to much flavor but it’s a surprisingly delightful taste. I paired the wontons with the sauce recipe from the same site and just made the portion size smaller.

Crispy Sesame Chicken

Panda Express Cheese Wontons

Panda Express Sweet and Sour sauce.

Click above for links to the recipes I used.

I really love this sesame chicken! This is the second time I’ve made it and the only thing I did different was double the amount of corn starch and flour. I make the biggest mess when it comes to breading chicken so I always use extra.

If you are not making a mess while cooking a meal you aren’t doing right lol

I got to enjoy this meal with my youngest Breck, Daddy and Dawson were at karate!


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