Moving Prep: Freezer Meals

Moving Prep: Freezer Meals!


Our little family is about to make some BIG moves very soon. We are under contract on our first home and things are sailing by nicely, in less than a month we will be uprooting our lives and moving. My husband and I have been in this house for 5 years, we have ran a business, cared for our dogs one who has seizures, got married, began raising our two kids, started a mini farm with 4 chickens, and have the coolest chameleon name Cosmic Charlie. Amongst numerous other ventures we have embarked on. Needless to say it’s a bitter sweet feeling. Our home is about 700sq feet with two bedrooms and 1 bath nice and cozy…..and small, and crowded, with no escape lol.

We are moving into the cutest white house with a red door that looks like it came out of a story book, at least to me it does. 1,700sq feet with an impeccable sized yard. Just thinking about it I can picture relaxing on the porch tossing the ball for bear while blink sunbathes, listening to the boys giggle as they feed the chickens scraps from breakfast. Not having to hear polices sirens constantly, and the constant swoosh of cars zooming past. Mmmm heavenly….

But along with the lovely envisions I can come up with there is reality and that is the work that goes into getting this place to that point. We have projects here at our current house because we are renting from family and have been very lucky to not have been burdened by Colorado’s extreme rent increase, so it is our duty to help get this place in tip top shape before it is rented out again. The new home has a few projects that must be completed even before the loan is approved (the seller is paying us to do it) and then once we close. After that project number 1 is building the deck.

With the busy next couple of months ahead of us the first thing that came to mind was food. Duh! Food is life!

Plus when you have kids you must have things at an arm’s reach so you don’t break the delicate balance between happy kiddo and wild crazy needs to drop it a few notches kiddo.

I figured freezer meals and prepped things like chicken breast to put on top of mac and cheese, salad things like that, meatballs can be used a million different ways. Lots of easy things that will make life seem less stressful.

Here are some of the recipes I will be making. What is your favorite freezer meal? I was thinking to keep it safe I should prep some cookies you know for the kids. Ya the kids.


Lasagna Rollups-Pioneer Woman

Pancake Mini-muffins-Pioneer Woman

Classic Chicken Pot Pie

Meat Sauce Recipe

BBQ Comfort Meatballs-Pioneer woman
That is what I have so far. I plan on also cooking basic chicken breast and meatballs. I will be uploading a recipe for my teriyaki meatballs. Yummy Goodness!!!

Oh wait the best part!

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
Gotta have the cookies!

Comment what your favorite freezer recipe is.


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