10 fun ways to make money from home

As a stay at home mom I feel like I am always in some way or another thinking about how can I save money or even make a little extra cash to help pay some bills or just would be nice to have some extra money to go buy lunch. Me and lunch go wayyyyyy back.

I have scrolled through pages and pages of pintrest, craigslist, and blog posts searching for something I feel  I could actually do and enjoy while making some extra money. Enjoy myself is the key word here! why in the world would I want to do something on the side that I didn’t even really like? I wouldn’t lol. So that is why I wanted to share them with you.

I have included links for the sites I use, or I know of.

  1. Start a blog!
  2. Restore old furniture and give it your own personal flair. You can easily pick up cheap or even free furniture from garage sales or online. You can use sites like Etsy to sell your products or even go the simple route and use the Facebook store.
  3. Photography apps will pay you for your pictures. Foap, IconZoomer.
  4. Survey sites are a sure fire way to rake in the extra dough but they can be time consuming.
  5. Donate plasma! You can make some extra cash and also save lives in the process what is better than that?
  6. Tutoring online is a great way to make a steady income from home., Home Work Tutoring.
  7. Fitness products- Team BeachBody reps make great side cash and get the loaded benefits of gaining a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Promote and sell a favorite product. Like Lipsense, Younique Products, LulaRoe
  9. If you love to cook you could do some catering on the side, or baking look up some local bake sales to show case those famous cookies!
  10. Advertise for Allstate. You can make some serious cash getting referrals over to Allstate they just have to end up in a quote and you’ve made money. Send me a message for more details.

Well there ya go 10 fun ways to make some extra cash and do something that you might actually enjoy.

One thought on “10 fun ways to make money from home

  1. They all sound like doable ideas. What makes these things work is structure, organization of time and cooperation from those lovely little ones I call my grandchildren. All of this is a win, win for everyone because it teaches them to participate and help with daily chores and gives you an outlet while earning some extra money. I love the sweets and baked goods thing and the photography is truly one of your specialties. Now is always a great time for new and prosperous beings!

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