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Easter Shenanigans

Easter is right around the corner! That beloved holiday by children for many years. Honestly who wouldn’t love a holiday where you get to do fun egg dying projects and wake in the morning to the Easter bunny’s gifts of confectionery goodness!!

This year I wanted to do more than the traditional Easter basket packed full of candy. I want to go big!! I want to go ALL OUT!!

And why wouldn’t I?

We will be in our new house by Easter Sunday and It will be the day after my son’s 5th birthday (be still my heart) so more of a reason to make it super special.

I plan on making a scrumptious breakfast with yummy beverages for the boys and unique cocktails for dad and I. Lunch and dinner are also important meals on this exciting day, and most importantly they must be easy, whats easier than freezer meals?  Follow this link to view my freezer meal ideas.

Breakfast cocktail ideas. I am leaning to that Strawberry Mimosa it looks so yummy!

Strawberry Cream Mimosa, Pineapple Mimosas, Lavender Lillet Cocktail.

Kid friendly Easter drinks.

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, Carrot Top Drink, Rainbow Fruity Ice Cubes.

Breakfast ideas you can’t help but love.


Easy French Toast, Loaded Potato Waffles, and Fruit & Cheese Breakfast Pastries

All these breakfast recipes are easy and delicious!!!

Now my Easter“Baskets” this year will be more than just a basket, I want to make them unique to my boys and the things they enjoy. I found inspiration from these pictures here.

I’m settling with the Tackle Box idea. It works perfect for both the boys and i can include things that we will use this summer.

Now the most important part…..The goodies!

Marshmallow Wands, Easter Oreo Bark, and Chocolate Chip Easter Baskets. These are fun ones to make with the kids before Easter.

Easter games are a part of the tradition, of course the egg hunt is a must. But why make it stop there? The kids will be hopped up on candy all day so it’s best to keep them active so they crash nice and hard at bed time.

Jelly Bean Color Match, Jelly Bean Building, Nature Scavenger Hunt, Squirt Gun Painting.

Now it can’t be Easter without Easter decorations! I have compiled some really fun decorating ideas that you can easily incorporate the kids into and make them really fun projects!

Easy Easter Wreath, Easter Tree, Salt Dough Eggs, Easter Button Craft.

I’m super excited about Easter this year, heck I’m excited about this entire year! We have soooo many plans and so many changes coming up how could I not be excited 🙂

When the holidays roll around its nice to give as well as receive. So in the spirit of giving and spreading love I have some fun ways to give a little gift this Easter to the ones you love.

S’more Easter Peeps Treats, Easter Wine Labels, Carrot Bubbles.

Easter related science projects??? Ummmmm YES!!


Easter Science 30 Fun Experiments.

This Easter will be one for the books.

I hope you enjoy all of these fun ideas and get a chance to try them out for yourself!

Love ❤

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