Kindergarten Snacks

My sweet little boy has grown into a big boy overnight I swear. He’s suited up with his avengers backpack and a fresh new haircut heading off to half day kindergarten.


His positivity about the change in routine is humbling, He’s a wild child with a lot of passion about education. He’s his father’s child too smart for his own good (thank goodness)

Making sure my kids eat fairly healthy and stay away from junk food is really important to me which has inspired me to write this post. Finding easy to snag healthy snacks for him is the best way to set him up for success. Luckily we do not encounter a peanut allergy in his class because this kiddo could live off peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Here are a few ideas I have compiled to share with you.



Click the photos to visit the websites I have included in this post.

I hope you find these as inspirational as I did to help get the kiddos off on the right foot with healthy yummy snacks.

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