Stanley Hotel Trip

Estes Park, Stanley Hotel Trip

     Spontaneity is the platform my family lives by. Before the kids my husband and I would get a wild hair and take off to see other states, music festivals, or up to the hills for a getaway. It runs through our veins to explore and travel. We made a promise to ourselves when we welcomed our first born, that we would show him the world and give him a life we could have only dreamed of. Well, six years later and another baby added to the mix that conviction holds strong.

    Waking up on a brisk Colorado Friday morning in February. My husband had the day off, which is rare on a Friday. Though it just so happened to be the weekend of valentine’s day.

    I stood at my backdoor using both hands to grasp my warm coffee cup I stared out, watching my dogs pace the yard investigating all the creatures footsteps and scents who moved throughout the yard the night before. I suddenly felt that tug, that moment of “I am in serious need of a scenery change for a night” I turned and looked at my husband while uncontrollably blurting out lets get out of here this weekend!

        He immediately agreed and after searching and debating for a couple hours we settled on The Stanley Hotel. The incredibly breathtaking hotel nestled in Estes Park that people dream of staying in! The Shining is based off of the famous author Stephan Kings visit to the hotel and a nightmare he experienced while staying at there.

        History is one of my absolute favorite subjects, so it was only fitting that I bust out a little research before we left. I believe you get a better appreciation for the area and buildings when you understand what went into it at that time in history.


The Stanley Hotel was built by the Yankee steam powered car inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley (1849-1940) He was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1903 and at that time the treatment was fresh, dry air with lots of sunlight and a hearty diet. So what better place to experience that type of climate then the Rocky Mountains. By 1907, Stanley had recovered completely and decided to turn Estes Park into a resort town. Construction began in 1907 with 48 guest rooms. Stanley is also remembered for his role in the creation of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Stanley was known for his personality and was often seen posing for photos in silly manors and coming up with nick names like “the king of Estes Park” with a tin canister on his head for a crown.

             The history of this location was so fun to research and made Estes Park even more enjoyable knowing that the founder was such a lighthearted happy individual who was packed full of knowledge and experiences.

       Our first morning in Estes was accompanied by frigid cold winds to the point it hurt to be outside. Couldn’t expect much less though considering it was February in Colorado. we figured the best way to enjoy the day was to drive up into Rocky Mountain National Park and take in the views from a warm vehicle. The entrance to the park is only 4 miles from the hotel. Take the drive when you visit Estes Park. I promise you. Its truly breathtaking.

You experience wild life.

Incredible views.

Due to the time of year we visited, we were limited to how far up the mountain you could go, unfortunately.


Still worth it.

Book your stay at the Stanley Hotel here. > Stay at the Stanley 

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