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Magic Light Brush


The magic light brush is from the line of MESS FREE crayons, markers, finger paints, and regular paints. The magic brush lights up the color you are using when you hover it over one of the 6 colors provided. The product is a clear gel formula, so the light helps immensely when the children are picking a color. The color only shows up on special paper and does not show up on skin, furniture, or fabric. When the color is painted on the special paper it takes a few seconds to show up, but once it does the color is very bright and vibrant, with a slight sparkle.


Kids get to be creative and produce beautiful unique works of art with no mess and it’s truly incredible! Being able to let my kids create without having to closely monitor them makes them happy and me happy. They get to feel a sense of independence and I am not clenching my teeth as they do it.


These products can be used basically anywhere but the paints specifically should be used at a table or a sturdy surface. The potential of spilling the paints would worry me in the car or on an airplane, but these are still great travel buddies you can bring them into hotel rooms and not worry about getting charged extra for your kiddo decorating the walls.

These products are my absolute favorite. I have 2 extremely energetic, wild boys who’s focus in life I swear is to create potential damage to the things around them. typical boys. Keeping their minds distracted while not continually anticipating the damage that may occur is easing and the number one reason why I recommend this product to EVERYONE!


Click the picture to purchase this product. I have included the paint refills and alternate cheaper option to the light up brush.

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